Simon Littlejohn


    Wildlife and the natural world have been a passion since early childhood, ignited I believe by way of a gift from a teacher in the form of a coffee table book about the Mediterranean Sea. I think he realized early on what my passions were , and I will forever be in his debt for giving me an early look into the fascinating world of the animal kingdom, be it on land, under the sea or in the air.

    I am currently working on the pre-production  phase  of a documentary film about the worlds rarest feline the Iberian Lynx ( Lynx pardel ) My goal is to spend one year camped out in the heart of Andalucia among the 2 last remaining wild breeding populations, one is in the Andujar region of the low  Sierra Morena  mountains in Jaen province, and the 2nd is in the Doñana national park , in Huelva province. The total population of these felines living in the wild is only between 315-340 individuals, and the long term future for this species is still very far from secure.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the film.

    Simon Littlejohn

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