Simon Littlejohn


    Wildlife and the natural world have been a passion since early childhood, ignited I believe by way of a gift from a teacher in the form of a coffee table book about the Mediterranean Sea. I think he realized early on what my passions were , and I will forever be in his debt for giving me an early look into the fascinating world of the animal kingdom, be it on land, under the sea or in the air.

    I am currently working on a documentary film about the wildlife around the Straits of Gibraltar with my Spanish filming partner Juan Merino, which we hope to have ready next year. Material for this film is being shot on a number of cameras including a RED ONE with both Cooke and Schneider PL lenses as well as Panasonic P2 cameras and both Canon and Nikon 35mm Hi Res DSLR'S, with lenses from 20 mm up to both 600mm F4 Nikon + Canon 800mm 5.6 telephoto lenses. Underwater footage will also be included in the film , info about which I will post in my blog in the near future.

    Simon Littlejohn

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