Since my first visit here in 1998, I have met and befriended many wonderful native Chileans here at the " Fin del Mundo" ( End Of The World ) as the locals fondly refer to it, and it gives me great pleasure to announce I will be going into partnership with one of the first people I ever met, a man who lives and breathes this region, and a better guide you will not find. 

Rodrigo Lizama head of Patagonian Travel Adventures, in Puerto Natales, a man who has made my life so much easier during my numerous visits, is whom I will be partnering with and together we will personally be leading each and everyone of the Photographic trips on the calendar. I have had the pleasure of spending 3 years living in Torres del Paine National Park, between 1998 and 2003, I am know back in the region filming material for a planned documentary about the regions apex predator, the Patagonian Puma, including spending the coming winter months ( May to August ) in Torres del Paine.  Rodrigo has vast experience both here in Chile, and in Neighbouring Argentina, and we firmly believe our combined passion for this region, and our knowledge of the regions wildlife will give our clients the best opportunities to get the absolute maximum returns from these  trips, you work hard, you deserve a Big Bang for your buck, and our aim is to provide you with just that.


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