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In Limbo down south

April 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am not in the best of moods right now, my camera, the only video camera I have here at the ass end of the South American continent, is in the hands of an engineer in the bowels of Puerto Natales, I eagerly await his diagnosis, but I, normally one of great faith and the eternal optimist, honestly does not expect to get the answer I so desperately need right now so I can get back to my very important reason for being here, filming the Pumas. 

Every day that passes while my camera is out of action, I miss out on the huge amount of Puma activity taking place. As if this is not enough of a pain, the little chest cold I have been unable to shake for the last 3 months, is now being treated with a course of antibiotics, and for me to pop these means I have honestly given up beating this without a little outside help, I hate taking drugs, but I really had no choice as I was feeling seriously weaker by the day. I was putting in the miles with my gear in all sorts of very high winds and rain, for 10 plus hours a day, and it was seriously getting me down, so I had to retreat to town for not only camera but body repairs......aaarrhhhhhh.


I am currently ensconced in the warmth and comfort of the house of my dear friends Rodrigo and Cecilia, in Puerto Natales, they are spoiling me rotten, and I truly am lucky to have such friends here, they have 3 children and now a large 4th one is taking up the spare bedroom, using their wifi to send material to dropbox so my potential producer in Bristol, can see I have actually been out there in the wild capturing our elusive Patagonian Pumas, well not quite as elusive as before, but still not quite as common as the ducks in the round pond of Kensington Gardens.


If the engineer in town cannot fix my camera, it means a 3.5 hour flight north to Santiago, but even that simple action just became, not so much more complicated, but a great deal more expensive, as the countries main airline LATAM just decided to strike, so the budget airlines have just filled the void, with there eyes bulging wide and bloodshot at the opportunity that just fell into their laps, jacked their prices up 500% to fleece everyone in broad daylight. Well the truth is my budget will not stretch to an extortionate rise in airfares on top of the camera repair etc, so I am going to rest up in town until my lungs are feeling somewhat better, fatten up on food and enjoy myself in the luxury of Rodrigo's house while I can, because when the strike is over and I eventually get up to the big smoke and a Panasonic technician has reduced my bank account to crumbs, I will face a hard winter in these southern latitudes, so I might as well enjoy myself while I can. Right now I am getting through a luxurious amount of Avocados, honey,bananas, porridge, and whatever Cecilia cooks up every night for dinner, so one must not grumble too much.........



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