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Back In Action, With Both Lungs Firing, JUST !!

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


It takes a lot to depress me, but it truly has been a nightmare of late, relatively speaking, as I am fully aware that filming wild Pumas in the far southern reaches of Patagonia is a dream for me, and I truly do consider myself to be one lucky bastard, no doubt there are plenty of other photographers and filmmakers who would love to be in my boots spending the winter in 800sq miles of a Patagonian paradise and having it virtually to oneself , but it has been one disaster after another of late, and I am getting slightly peeved due to the late run of events.

Besides feeling awful for the last 3 months ( my own stupidity is to blame for that extended period of feeling like I had been hit by a bull in a hurry, and then tried to climb Mt Blanc with a refrigerator on my back ), my main video camera the Panasonic AJ-PX270 video camera stopped working a few weeks back,( which is a real bugger when it's the only one you have, and your at the ass end of the South American continent and Antartica is closer than the nearest place you might get tit repaired )the week before that, my binoculars started showing me 2 of everything I aimed them at, so not only was it harder to locate the Pumas, I had bugger all to film them with when I did, what next ??? I kept asking myself, it did not take long to find the answer to that question. On my return to Puerto Natales for supplies, and to upload some footage to Dropbox, my dear friends Rodrigo and Cecilia send me packing to the Doctor, as I had run out of excuse for not popping in to see if my "man flu" was possibly something more serious, it turns out it was, Pneumonitis, inflamed lungs caused by a Bacteria growing in there, wonderful !!!. 

Camera was sent to Santiago for a check up, dead , not repairable in Chile, marvellous , absolutely bloody marvellous. So I am left with a. GoPro 6 and my Nikon DSLR and a sharp 80-200mm F2.8 Nikon lens, that's it, and for someone filming Patagonian Pumas and their cubs, this does not bode well, especially when I am encountering them most days while out trekking.

The solution is not an easy one, in fact if I am honest I am not sure there is one just yet. I have enough money to feed myself through the winter and a repair can only take place in Europe as the model of camera I have is not sold in Chile, so it has to go back to Europe. 


Right now it is 6am, freezing cold, and I am on my way to Torres del Paine to search for the Southern Andean Huemul. 





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