The Luckiest Bastards in Patagonia

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Lucky  Moi  !                                                                     May 26th / 2018 Lake Sarmiento



I am not in any way interested in writing this particular night, due to the fact I am utterly exhausted from trekking countless miles and filming, and the same went for last night and the night before, but so much has happened these last 3 days in deepest darkest Patagonia as I go about my daily search for the sneaky Patagonian Puma, I just had to get a little blog post up and tell the world !!! 


well maybe a dozen ( if I’m lucky ) or so people that might be following my wildlife filming antics down south.


I returned to Torres del Paine 3 days ago after staying in Puerto Natales for a week to help a friend paint some houses,he and his wife Cecilia have been so kind to me since I arrived, and not to mention in times past on prior trips, so the least I can do is give him some of my time for free and help him paint, so he can get on top of his bills, which are not small when you are still building the house your living in.


So early on the Wednesday morning, buzzing from the large fresh ground coffee, we set off early for Torres del Paine, as usual brimming with hope and anticipation as to what the day holds for the 2  LUCKY BASTARDOS, as we have called ourselves, for the simple reason that every time we enter the park, we always end up locating Pumas in the most ridiculously short period of time, the record stands at 10 minutes to date, followed closely by 15 minutes and 25 minutes, plenty of other crap statistics, but I WON’T bore you. So with this in mind I am thinking about starting up a

Wildlife Photographic  Safari business with Rodrigo, but we both agreed over several glasses of fine Chilean Red ( a nice organic Carmenere ) that calling our new enterprise the “Lucky Bastardos Wildlife Photo Safaris “ probably would not go down too well in the classified section of BBC Wildlife magazine and the USA and European editions of Outdoor Photographer, where we might find some potential future clients, who will pay us a small fortune to lead them to Puma Heaven, here in deepest Patagonia,


Ok, so we have to be a little more professional with the title of our new enterprise, but know this,

2 luckier bastards you will not find when it comes to locating Patagonian Pumas, so if you are a wildlife photographer, OR wildlife camera operator, director, location scout, or boss of all the prior,  and the elusive and beautiful Puma is high on your bucket list of species to capture with your big glass, remember look no further than  WILDASLIFE Photographic Safaris……..details can be found  on this site, because it is being run by 2 very very lucky bastards !!!!!!


So Wednesday morning at just after sunrise Rodrigo and I were to be found watching a bus load of Photographers from neighbouring Argentina, photographing the first rays of light hit the Torres del Paine range from a dozen miles outside the park, and quite stunning it was, but we had other things on our mind and veered off to the parks southern entrance at Lake Sarmiento, where I am based in the old park rangers house, and very comfortable I am in there. 


We payed our respects to the ranger on duty, dropped off my supply of food for the duration of my next filming period, and slowly, as usual drove the road in the direction of Laguna de los Cisnes. The morning light was stunning, no wind and just enough of a nip in the air to keep you alert.



NOT A PEEP ALL DAY                                                               May 27th 2018 Lake Sarmiento



It was, in my humble opinion, a very good day to be a Guanaco grazing along the shores of Lake Sarmiento, because I spent all day walking it’s north shore from my base camp, and apart from 

some prints, that most certainly belonged to a female and her cubs, I saw no activity whatsoever. Not a sound of any Guanacos alarm calling, but considering I spotted only 2 in several hours, maybe I was expecting too much, it seemed eerily silent today. 


My feet are currently recovering on a soft wool blanket, having been freed up from the confines of my boots, and are slowly beginning to feel normal. The problem I have, well at least one on my long list of problems, is that I never know when enough is enough, I always want to see around the next headland and into the next bay on the lake, always another hill to summit, just one more , I cant help it, and my feet are about to go on strike !!!


However the peace of and tranquility of walking the lakeshore and then finding a high vantage point to scan the surrounding hills, while I consumed yet another half rotten and watery avocado, makes it all worthwhile. The highlight of the day was when I went to garbage can at the rear of the house and found a Crested Cara Cara eyeing up the scraps on the compost plot in the garden, the backdrop of the snow and glaciers of Mt Almirante Nieto were to good to resist, so I waited a few minutes and luckily it took off and I nailed the image that is now on this blog post, I think bird is going to be a regular visitor, as long as the rangers and I keep topping up the compost. 


The lights just came on in my humble shack, so it means the rangers have cranked up the generator, which means light, wifi, and a bit of contact with the outside world…………


Tomorrow at first light, I will slip once again into one of 3 pairs of boots, it makes not one iota of difference to my poor feet which pair I opt for, I only know if they could go ON STRIKE THEY WOULD !!


Muy Buenos Noches from deepest darkest Patagonia.



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