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The waiting game

June 24, 2018  •  1 Comment



Sadly it was blowing, sorry howling, a gale off the Southern Ice Cap ( Campo Hielo Sur ) down here in beautiful southern Chile today. I now this because once again I was on the receiving end of it. I sat patiently waiting for a female Puma and her 4 cubs to put in an appearance at the edge of the woods they were resting and taking shelter from the freezing winds, but today they chose to play deep in the undergrowth and therefore out of my sight.

The day came to an end for me when the fading light reminded me I still had to walk home to my hut at the entrance to the park, and so I once again had to leave the party early in order to get to get home safely. The long walk's home constantly remind me of how I miss my Land Rover defender 110 that I had here for a year many moons ago, the freedom to stay out way after dark, crawling in 1st gear along the roads to wherever, scanning for signs of Puma activity in fading light, safe and comfortable with the heater at full blast combating the freezing winds blowing through the open windows when scanning with binoculars.


Sadly this filming trip is feet only, but hopefully if all goes well in the near future, I will have the funds to buy a car, and once again work well in to the night, and get to my filming location, earlier, quicker and somewhat safer, as wondering alone  in the darkness of early morning in this neck of the woods, can get you in all sorts of trouble. 

The forecast for Torres Del Paine National Park is not looking too good for the next few days, rain and wind, a horrible combination for filming, so tomorrow will see me arrive back at where I left the female and 4 cubs, the question is how long will she make me wait .................


Hey Simon, really enjoying the updates on this blog - seems like an Chile place. Just think, it's probably about 35c in Sierra de Andujar at the moment! Look after yourself and try not to get eaten.

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