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Since my first visit to this stunning part of the world back in 1998, I have met and befriended many wonderful native Chileans here at the " Fin del Mundo" ( End Of The World ) as the locals fondly refer to it, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that this coming 2018 spring ( Southern Hemisphere September ) I will be working and partnering with one of the first people I ever met, a man who lives and breathes this region, and a better guide, you will not find. His company Patagonian Travel Adventure ( a family run business from top to bottom ) with Rodrigo at the helm, is expanding it's tour itinerary for amateur and professional photographers, as well as for documentary film crews working in the region, and I am delighted to have been asked to join in this expansion. This will give me the opportunity  to spend more time in a place I fell in love with many years ago, but also help budding and professional photographers get the maximum out of their trip to region.

Rodrigo Lizama, like the Southern Andean Huemul Deer ( Hippocamelus bisulcus ) is a very rare species, Rodrigo has the ability to solve just about any problem or sticky situation one might find themselves in Patagonia, answer all your questions about the wonders of the region, be they on it's history of colonisation, of lost tribes long ago wiped out by the Spanish Conquistadores, the conflicts of land disputes with neighbouring Argentina, and of course the dramatic jaw dropping scenery and plethora of wildlife species that inhabit the locations on our itineraries, WHY ?  because he lives and breathes Patagonia, and this is exactly who you want organising your trip. You have worked hard to earn your money to get to this remote region, and this fact is in no way lost on him or myself.

Rodrigo has made my life so much easier during my numerous visits, nothing is too much trouble, and in 20 years since my first trip I have heard nothing but praise from countless people who have chosen to use his services, this will become very evident, very quickly to each and every client. Rodrigo and I will be personally leading each and every trip, and our main aim is to use every last drop of our combined experience to make sure you leave with what you came for.


There is no such thing as enough time in Patagonia, I spent 3 years over a 5 year period in Torres del Paine between 1998_2003, and I am still complaining it's not enough, but time is a luxury in this day and age, and we are fully aware of his fact so, the tours are designed to maximise your photographic opportunities, but nothing is set in stone on an itinerary, as Mother Nature has many surprises in this remote neck of the woods, so although we have a tour Itinerary written out, we wake early each day and make a decision based on what we see, so on some days the hike to the lookout point near the base of the mighty Torres may well be cancelled, as it is a waste of time to head up there with your cameras to encounter a sea of cloud, likewise an extreme windy day is not the best time for a trip navigating across Grey Lake to photograph the Glacier, better we head into the beautiful woods for protection and try locate one of the worlds most endangered species of Deer, the Southern Andean Huemul ( Hippocamelus bisulcus ) a species in decline with a total wild population in Chile and neighbouring Argentina estimated to be around 2500 individuals according to the IUCN RED LIST, and therefore classified as Endangered. 

The minimum number for a group is 4,and a maximum of 10, although we can and do cater for individuals who wish to concentrate on one specific species, or just landscapes, or both if the client so wishes. If we have a group of 4 we will always put forward the option for the clients to have their say if the weather is causing us to consider changing the itinerary for the day, and all agree to pursue the same activity we are happy to go along with that, but of course if the groups are larger and we have a day planned we have to go with the plan and cannot change it because one or two from a group of 6 wish to go to a completely different location to pursue other activities, we are flexible and try to please all, but we have to work within some parameters for the benefit of all.

The trips for the 2018/2019 season are now being finalised, and will be posted on both websites in the near future, but what we can tell you is the shortest of the tours for Photographers will be 6 days-7 nights, and is available all year round. It will include 4 days in Torres del Paine, then a trip into Argentina to Calafate and onto  the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier, before heading to Puerto Natales for your last night, and on to the airport in Punta Arenas the following morning.

The longest trip will be 11 nights 12 days, this will be available from October 2018 - April 2019. Other trips will be 9 nights-10 days, as we are only too aware not everyone can find that extra day or two they so wish they could, but we will strive to make your trip as successful as it can possibly be.

One to one custom made itineraries are available all year round, so anyone interested in this type of intense itinerary please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about the wildlife or landscapes, if that is what you wish to concentrate on. As a wildlife cameraman and photographer, I am fully aware of what is involved in extremely long days and weeks in the field, but if you want the best results, one has to put in the hours and push your limits. These one to one trips or small group ( max 4 ) trips are not for the faint hearted or the armchair photographers, these trips are for those who don't mind very long days and getting a bit of mud on their boots, to put it mildly.

Rodrigo is based permanently in Puerto Natales, I am currently based in Torres del Paine where I am filming material for a planned documentary, and will stay there for the whole winter. A short trip back to the UK to see a producer and friends is planned but I will be back in Chile for the tours. The dates and full itineraries are not far from being finalised, but again, do not hesitate to email or call either of us with anything you wish to know, re the travel, climate , clothing, species, anything at all. My details are on the main page, Rodrigos are below.

Rodrigo Lizama : Phone: (56) 9-98321828 | Blanco Encalada 183 | Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile

Contact Email: info@patagonian.com | Skype: explora-patagonia  http://www.patagonian.com