P A T A G O N I A N   T R A V E L   A D V E N T U R E





Both Rodrigo and I would be delighted if you were to join us on one of our photographic tours to this incredible corner of southern Patagonia, here at the "fin del mundo" or "end of the world" as the locals fondly refer to it. Our sole aim is to ensure all our clients/photographers, regardless of their level of expertise, experience the very best of what this stunning region has to offer, and we firmly believe our combined experience and unbridled passion for this wilderness and all it's wildlife, offers our clients the very best chances of you achieving this.

The Torres del Paine National Park and the Fitzroy Massif in neighbouring Argentina, the two main areas we focus on, offer a plethora of photographic and filming material, regardless of whether your here for the landscapes, wildlife or a combination of both, this region will keep you busy 24/7. The mighty Perito Moreno glacier, near El Calafate, a constantly shifting mass of ice and the Fitroy range are our focus in Argentina, while in Chile, you will navigate to a safe distance from the face the Grey Glacier from which, icebergs carve off and are blown towards the beach at the end of  Lake Grey in western sector of Torres del Paine. 

The Paine massif, a magnet for the hardcore rock climbers that attempt the mighty vertical granite spires, are the realm of the Andean Condor, undoubted king of the skies here. Other species like Black Chested buzzard Eagles, Cara Cara's, and the large flightless Darwins or Lesser Rhea, Chilean Flamingo's are just a few of the bird species, that inhabit this region, and in the spring the bird population explodes as the migrants arrive.


The regions apex predator is the sleek, powerful and often ellusive Patagonian Puma, a species Rodrigo and I have dedicated many years to locating and capturing on Camera and in the last couple of years filming. It is the species which  many of the photographers and camera operators, who make the long journey to this slice of Patagonian Heaven, place on top of their wish list, and Rodrigo and I will do everything we can, within reason, to make that happen during your trip with us.


The tours we offer here are available from October to April, but we realise there are potential clients who wish to experience the region  through the autumn and winter months, those wishing to concentrate on a particular species, like the Puma, or dedicate some time to locating the very rare Southern Andean Huemul ( Hippocamelus bisulcus )  a mid sized deer that can only be found in southern Chile and Argentina, and whose numbers are very sadly in decline. We also cater for individual clients or film crews wishing to have either Rodrigo or I lead them as a personel guide for the duration of their visit, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss these bespoke  guiding services, the Puma is our speciality.


Simon Littlejohn: Obsessed with Patagonia and Patagonain Pumas, Moi !!!Simon Littlejohn: Be careful, Patagonia seeps into your Psyche,and she won't let you go. A Patagonian EdenRodrigo Lizama, Amazing friend+ Guide EXTAORDINERE, welcoming the sunrise at Laguna Amarga just before entrance of Torres del Paine National Park.

Tour Itinerary

Below is a full daily itinerary for a 12 day tour running from

October - April 2019/ 2020.


The Complete itinerary for one of our 8 day tours, including a visit to Tierra del Fuego to visit the King Penguin Colony will be uploaded by 10/09/2019

These tours can be organised for ANY month of the year, including those of shorter duration

minimum 6 nights 7 days


Very important note: In Patagonia the weather is KING, so we must be adaptable on our daily schedule, as trying to capture landscapes at sunrise or dusk with a long exposure, when the wind is howling at 110kph, is going to produce something closer to abstract !



The dates for these tours are fixed as a general rule, however in order to do our very best to try and accomodate our highly valued clients, we are willing to shuffle the start dates within reason. For examle if we had a group of friends booking  and filling all the spaces,and one or more of the group, for work / personel reasons can't make the tour dates, by a couple of days, we would be willing to move the dates to accomodate the changes. However it is vital that we know as soon as possible, so the hotels bookings and transport schedule can be changed. Do not hesitate to call Simon or Rodrigo, to answer any qustions you may have relating to the dates of the tours. Nothing is set in stone, and we are very accomodating to our clients requirements.



07/10/2019 : DAY 1

Private transportation from Punta Arenas airport to Puerto Natales. First Night in Puerto  Natales, gateway to Torres del Paine. On the way from the airport to Puerto Natales, we will find time for a few photos of wildlife and some of the surrounding countryside, old houses and farm buildlings, gauchos and their livestock, horses etc. You will be glad to check in to your accomodation and then get freshened up, after which we will have a group get together over dinner, and discuus the trip, check to make sure you all have the correct equipment, before we head off. You no doubt will be tired from your long travels, so of course an early night is recommended for all.


08/10/2019 : Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel and departure to photograph the bay of Puerto Natales, sunrise, mountains, fishing boats, birds in the fjords. In Cerro Castillo we make a stop for lunch in cafeteria in the town. A short view of its surroundings, we continue our trip to Torres del Paine. The entrance fee to the national park is included. Accommodation at the hotel included, ( dinner not included )


09/10/2019 : Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel, departure to photograph the sunrise, the place will depend on the weather conditions and where we are staying ( Laguna Amarga, Lago Pehoe, Salto Grande waterfall, near to the Hotel explora for example ...)

 There is the option of returning to the hotel for a small break and then leaving again, or we  have a box lunch/ picnic, so as not  to become dependent every day while in  Paine to have to waste time heading for a hotel resaurant. (we will do the same every day in Paine). If the weather is bad we can head to shelter and good coffee at Pehoe Lake Lodge  or  at the Lodge near Lake Grey for example. In the afternoon visit the viewpoints and some guanacos near  to the road during less traffic and preparing for the sunset.

Accommodation at the hotel included ( dinner not included )


 10/10/2019 : Day 04

Breakfast at the hotel and departure to see the sunrise, later we take the boat to  navigate the iceberg dotted waters of Lake Grey,stopping a safe distance from the huge face of the glacier,an arm spurring from the vast Southern Patagonian Icefield(boat tickets are  included in the program). In case of cancellation due to strong wind or bad weather we can change it to another day. Sunset photography in another wonderful locatoion and then we return to the hotel.

Accomadation at the hotel included ( dinner not included ) 


11/10/2019 : Day 5


Breakfast at the hotel, followed by drive to photograph sunrise. Depending on how active everyone is feeling, we will organise walking options, including one of my favourite walks between the parks main entrance at Laguna Amarga along the parks border with the neighbouring ranch to the Porteria Sarmiento, where much of my 4 years was spent camping, and if I am honest wondering in a state of perpetual bliss. We could opt for a walk to the Small Lake Sarmiento, head for the Salto Grande waterfall, Condor viewpoint, Laguna Azul ( blue lagoon ) healthy population of Guanacos and therefore Pumas are generally fat in this area. Certain places offer better results, depending on the weather, so the Ferrier Viewpoint is a great option when all is calm. We will round up the day by finding a great spot for the sunset, then head for the hotel.


Accomadation included at hotel ( dinner not included )


12/10/2019 : Day 06

Breakfast at the hotel and then depart to see the sunrise, we will drive/walk or both all morning in the
park, depending on the weather and after lunch well go to“Sierra Baguales”, a beautiful and little visited
area full of fossils, a real treat. If any client's wish to do a long trek to the base of the towers, Rodrigo
and I will lead seperate groups, so we are all happy. In Sierra Baguales we will see the old barns the hard
as nails leather skinned  gaucho's  and their animals near to the hotel, Sunset and accomodation in
“Cerro Guido Lodge”. 

 Accommodation at the hotel included, ( dinner not included ).

 13/10/2019 : Day 07 
 Today we will see sunrise from the hotel, then after breakfast we set off driving for El Calafate .We will
 lunch en route. Check into our Accomodation, then for all who wish we can walk for 2 hours 
 ( more or less ) to Laguna Nimez, an excellent place for birds or Lake Argentino. Entrance fee included

 Accommodation at the hotel included, (dinner not included ).
 14/10/2019 : Day 08

 Early departure from the hotel to be at 08:00 am at the entrance of the park, as well as the first to
 enter and be alone in front of the Perito Moreno glacier for at least two hours ( the fee entrance at the 
 park are included ). Late the regular tours and tons of visitors arrive, so it is always best to get there 
 early and soak up this magnificent natural wonder in peace.Today we will have an Argentinian guide that 
 will accompany us to the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier. Lunch in the park after which we will drive for 
 3 hours to " El Chaltén ". Sunset photography and check in to hotel in town.
 Accommodation included, ( dinner not included ).
 15/10/2019 : Day 09 
 Breakfast at the hotel,sunrise & landscapes, then we will be visiting different viewpoints to fully 
 appreciate this stunning mountain range,later we will head for the "Chorrillo del Salto" waterfall. 
 After Lunch and we can explore the alrededores of the town to see the sunset. Accommodation at 
 the hotel included, ( dinner not included ).
 16/10/2019 : Day 10
 Early big breakfast at the hotel in order to capture the sunrise, then we get ready to take a long walk 
 to the "Laguna Torre" viewpoint, an excursion that lasts about six hours, the reward being  a view of 
 the imposing granite spire of the mythical " Cerro Torre".  For those who do not wish to hike the 
 whole way, the halfway point offers a  good viewing point, choice is yours,  Today we will have a 
 Argentine guide will accompany us all day.
 Accommodation at the hotel included, (dinner not included )
 17/10/2019 Day 11: 
Early breakfast at the hotel to capture the sunrise, then we start
 to drive back to Natales. Lunch somewhere on the way. Sunset and accomodation in hotel 
 in town.
 Last dinner included with Rodrio and Simon, Adios and Ciao  to you all  !!!!
 Accommodation at the hotel and dinner included.


 18/10/2109 Day 12: Breakfast, and private transfer to Punta Arenas  Airport .



 This trip includes:
 Private vehicle throughout the itinerary. 
 All vehicle expenses, fuel, parking, park entry, insurance, border taxes.
 All trips are personally led by both Rodrigo Lizama and Simon Littlejohn
 English / Spanish Driver/guides
 11 nights accommodation based on twin bed ( breakfast included ) 
 11 lunches or box lunch.
 2 dinners (both in Puerto Natales)
 Cooler in the vehicle with free snacks every day (chocolates, cookies, fruits and 
 nuts, coffee,tea ... etc).
 Argentine guides in Perito Moreno ( El Calafate )  and Fitzroy range ( El Chalten )
 Navigation in Gray Lake. 
 Laguna Nimez, Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Park entrance tickets.



Not included:

Accommodation in Santiago.
International airline flights or domestic flights ( Santiago to Punta Arenas ).
Changes in itinerary due to extreme weather.
Alcoholic drinks.

Evening meals.





“Whenever we encounter wild animals in nature, we must only ever show kindness and compassion.”
Paul Oxton


There are a number of middle range hotels and lodges we offer our clients. These can be found below.


Punta Arenas: Where flights to and from Santiago arrive and take off.
Hotel José Mogueira
Hotel Cabo de Hornos.
Puerto Natales: The gateway to Torres del Paine
Lodge Weskar
Hotel Vendaval
Hotel Costa Australis
In and around Torres del Paine National park
Hotel Serrano.
Hotel Lago Grey.
Hotel Las Torres.
Pampa Lodge.
Hotel Tercera Barranca.
In Argentina :
El Calafate: Our gateway to the Perito Moreno Glacier
Hotel Posada Los Alamos
Hotel El Quijote
Hotel Mirador del Lago.
EL Chaltén: Our gateway to the Fitzroy Range/ Cerro Torre /Torre Eiger
Hotel Destino Sur.
Hotel Los Cerros.
Hotel Senderos.
Hotel Poincenot.

Cost in US $

The Following prices are for the 2019/2020 season. The accomadation is based on medium priced accomadation in Puerto Natales ,Torres  del Paine, as well as our nights in Argentina. For your benefit we have placed below a list of the Hotels and Lodges we will typically use on our trips, so the clients can go online if they wish to view their forthcoming accomadation.

 The general tours can be run with a minimum of 4 clients up to a maximum of 8.  Bespoke / Custom tours for 
 individual clients ( for serious photoraphers wishing to concentrate their whole trip on locating the Pumas / 
 Mountain Lions ) can be arranged, as can tours for larger group, but these prices will be worked out and sent 
 directly. Please do not hesitate to call or email  Rodrigo to disciuss these trips. As you can see in the gallery, the 
 immaculately maintained and very comfortable latest model Mercedes and Ford Transit vehicles, along with the 
 sleek and very comfortable 30 seater Volaire Fly bus ( perfect for larger groups ) will be used for all your 
 transport needs. 

 All the vehicles are owned outright and highly maintained by Rodrigo's own in house mechanic, we do not under
 any circumstances lease or use any rental vehicles, your overall well being,comfort and safety are of paramount 
 importance to us.

        Group of  4  :           U$ 6.550 per person.
                                                         Group of  5 - 6 :       U$ 6.270 per person.
                                                         Group of  7 - 8 :       U$ 5.750 per person.

All travel+booking inquiries will be handled by Rodrigo & Cecilia Lizama.

For all booking enquiries please email: [email protected]

Tel : (56) 9-98321828

If you have any questions

about the locations / wildlife etc, please feel free to contact Simon 00 44 (0) 7448132271

I am happy to call you back, if you text or email me your number.

email: [email protected]








Since my first visit to this stunning part of the world back in 1998, I have had the extreme pleasure of meeing and befriending many wonderful native Chileans. So it is a  great pleasure for me to be partnered  with one of the first people I ever met, a native Chilean and a man who lives and breathes this region, and a better guide, you will not find. His company Patagonian Travel Adventure, a family run business from top to bottom, with Rodrigo at the helm, is expanding it's tour itinerary for amateur and professional photographers, as well as for documentary film crews working in the Patagonia.  I am delighted to have been asked to join in this expansion as a photographic tour guide. This will give me the opportunity  to spend more time in a place I fell in love with many years ago, but also help budding and professional photographers get the maximum out of their trips to region.

Rodrigo Lizama, like the Southern Andean Huemul Deer ( Hippocamelus bisulcus ) is a very rare species, Rodrigo has the ability to solve just about any problem or sticky situation one might find themselves in Patagonia, answer all your questions about the wonders of the region, be they on it's history of colonisation, of lost tribes long ago wiped out by the Spanish Conquistadores, the conflicts of land disputes with neighbouring Argentina, and of course the dramatic jaw dropping scenery and plethora of wildlife species that inhabit the locations on our itineraries, WHY ?  because he lives and breathes Patagonia, and this is exactly who you want organising your trip. You have worked hard to earn your money to get to this remote region, and this fact, is in no way lost on him or myself. While we are on the subject of the Huemul, this very rare deer lives in very small numbers in the park, mostly in the western forests and valleys near Lake Grey, and we will will do our best to locate them for those wishing to see this rare and highly endangered species.



 There is no such thing as enough time in Patagonia, I spent 3.5 years over a 5 year period in Torres del Paine between 1998_2003, and I am still complaining it's not enough, but time is a luxury in this day and age, and we are fully aware of this fact so, the tours are designed to maximise your photographic     opportunities, but nothing is set in stone on any itinerary, as "Mother Nature" has many surprises in this remote neck of the woods, so although we have a tour itinerary written out, we wake early each day and make a decision based on what we see out the window as Nature most certainly has the last word. So on some days the hike to the lookout point near the base of the mighty Torres may well be cancelled, as it is a waste of time to head up there with your cameras to encounter a sea of cloud, likewise an extreme windy day is not the best time for a trip navigating across Grey Lake to photograph the Glacier, better we head into the beautiful woods for protection and try locate one of the worlds most endangered species of Deer, the Southern Andean Huemul ( Hippocamelus bisulcus ) a species in decline with a total wild population in Chile and neighbouring Argentina estimated to be around 2500 individuals according to the IUCN RED LIST, and therefore classified as Endangered.

The minimum number for a group is 4,and a maximum of 10, although we can and do cater for individuals, whose wish is to concentrate on one specific species, or just landscapes, or both if the client so wishes. If we have a group of 4 we will always put forward the option for the clients to have their say if the weather is causing us to consider changing the itinerary for the day, and all agree to pursue the same activity we are happy to go along with that, but of course if the groups are larger and we have a day planned we have to go with the plan and cannot change it because one or two from a group of 6 wish to go to a completely different location to pursue other activities, we are flexible and try to please all, but we have to work within some parameters for the benefit of all.

The trips for the 2019/2020season are now being finalised, and will be posted on both websites before the end of August 2019, but what we can tell you is the shortest of the tours for Photographers will be 6 days-7 nights, and is available all year round. It will include 4 days in Torres del Paine, then a trip into Argentina to Calafate and onto  the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier, before heading to Puerto Natales for your last night, and on to the airport in Punta Arenas the following morning.

The longest trip will be 11 nights 12 days, this will be available from October 2019- April 2020. Other trips will be 9 nights-10 days, as we are only too aware not everyone can find that extra day or two they so wish they could, but we will strive to make your trip as successful as it can possibly be.

ONE TO ONE : We offer  custom made guide only itineraries that are available all year round, so anyone interested in this type of intense itinerary please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about the wildlife or landscapes, if that is what you wish to concentrate on. As a wildlife cameraman and photographer, I am fully aware of what is involved in extremely long days and weeks in the field, but if you want the best results, one has to put in the hours and push your limits. These one to one trips or small group ( max 4 ) trips are not for the faint hearted or the armchair photographers, these trips are for those who don't mind very long days and getting a bit of mud on their boots, to put it mildly.

Rodrigo is based permanently in Puerto Natales, I am currently in Chamonix Mt Blanc, France, where l am filming the huge Lammergeiers ( Bearded Vultures ) for a planned documentary. I will be returning to Torres del Paine in September for the summer season, to work with my friend Rodrigo, showing our valued clients the very best the region has to offer, as well as continue the filming of several females Mountain Lions / Pumas as they continue their daily struggle to rear their offspring. The dates and full itineraries for all the trips we offer are close to being finalised, but the above 12 day itinerary will give you a good idea of  what the trips offer. Again however, do not hesitate to email or call either of us with anything you wish to know, re the travel, climate , clothing, wildlife species, anything at all.

Rodrigo Lizama : Phone: (56) 9-98321828 | Head Office: Blanco Encalada 183 | Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile

Contact Email: [email protected] | Skype: explora-patagonia  http://www.patagonian.com

Simon Littlejohn ; UK MOBILE + 44 ( 0 ) 7448132271  Email : [email protected]